Dr. Who Season 7, Episode 1

I really don’t remember how the last season ended, and I haven’t yet seen the Christmas episode. (Thank’s for nothing, Netflix.)

00:00 – Who’s Hannah? Oh.

02:30 – WTF! They’re all grown up! And broken!

04:15 – Why doesn’t Matt Smith look human? His face is all … weird …

05:20 – And why is he slurring his words? I mean, more than usual for British television.

06:00 – The intro looks different somehow. The tunnel is more blue-green than blue. And, oh, that red fire is definitely new.

08:30 – Who is this red-haired chick with the Dalek thingy poking from her forehead?

09:45 – “You think hatred is beautiful.” “Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you.” Awesome.

10:15 – “What color?” LOL.

13:00 – “You’re going to fire me at a planet?!?” Hehe.

14:35 – I thought this guy was Micky at first.

20:15 – “How did he get all Dalek-ed?”

24:15 – “Eggs.” LOL. Classic Rory.

28:50 – I’m getting a bit tired of the mobile-camera-pointed-at-people’s-faces shots. Not just Dr. Who. They seem to be everywhere. Like people are filming movies with their iPhone front-facing cameras.

42:00 – Well that was predictable …

45:15 – So I guess she’ll be back later.

48:30 – Not bad for the opener. I kind of wish Murray Gold would come up with some new hero music for the Doctor though. It’s getting a bit old.

Dr. Who Season 7, Episode 2

Liveblogging Dr. Who stream on BBC thanks to a proxy …

00:35 – Sometimes it’s impossible to figure out what’s going on without rewinding a bit.

01:40 – Oh, the dog barking outside was actually on the stream …

02:30 – Wow, he doesn’t even ask anymore.

02:50 – That was a super-fast setup.

06:00 – Wait, is that a two-headed dinosaur? Oh, it’s just a pair of them hanging out together.

07:05 – “I’m already clever.” Hehe.

09:25 – Uh oh …

14:15 – Press buttons…

15:00 – Dinosaur people!

16:30 – Ewwwwww..

18:45 – Apparently computers that respond to voice commands really are useful. In the future. The far, far, far future.

19:45 – It’s the Hoggwarts cat person!

25:55 – “I feel like you’re judging me.” Ha!

28:00 – Do you ever get the feeling that episodes of Dr. Who are sometimes written during NaNoWriMo?

34:00 – Well this has taken an odd turn.

42:00 – Woo, vengeful Doctor.

Well, that was an okay episode. It went downhill a bit after the “Dinosaurs … on a spaceship!” line.