These are my current works-in-progress. Will I ever finish one? Stay tuned!

Survey, a science fiction novel

Set in the far, far future. Draft incomplete.

Antwerp, a historical fiction novel

Set in Belgium during World War I. Draft incomplete.

Raccoon Mountain, a post-apocalyptic novel

Set many generations after the collapse of civilization. Draft incomplete.

Moving Day, a science fiction short story

Arnie arrives at his new house only to find it’s not there. He’s been transported to a parallel universe where he’s still married to his ex-wife and their son died years ago. First draft in progress.

Daggerstorm, a fantasy novella

A cop gets trapped inside a massively-multiplayer online game. First draft completed, but desperately needs revisions.

Sovereignty, a fantasy novel

Ordicus Metherel, the sovereign of Elaheron, has fallen ill. With encouragement from his mother, eldest son Lord Hayden prepares to rule, but is he ready? His pragmatic sister Lady Elenora doesn’t think so. Among the political machinations, Elenora’s servant Ril must help his sister solve an impossible problem before they are arrested or executed. Currently in revisions.

Airworld, a fantasy novel

Draft incomplete.

Margway, a fantasy short story

Margway the harpen is grief-stricken over the loss of her son and husband when she comes across a lost human boy in the woods. Can they help each other? Set in the world of Kubak Outpost.

Kubak Outpost, a fantasy novel

Currently in its 3rd revision.

Neofuel, a thriller

Currently mid-way through a 2nd revision.

Lute of the Sparrow, a fantasy novel

When their homes are destroyed by an invading army, Hael and Jasper are caught up in a war over ancient Talismans. Hael tries to rescue his family, and Jasper wants revenge, but neither can predict where their paths will lead in this action-packed fantasy tale. My first ever novel, available on Amazon.