One Month Until NaNoWriMo

With NaNoWriMo coming up in a month, I’m not sure what to work on. There’s a distinct possibility that I might free-write 50k words. That would probably be good for me. It will be an exercise in keeping-the-writing-fun and not-worrying-if-it-doesn’t-make-sense. First I need to come up with a character that I like, because I feel like that’s the main thing that keeps me writing.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting started on any other writing projects, so I’ve been spending most of my writing time revising last year’s Sovereign of Tel. I figure working on revisions has got to be better than doing nothing at all, right?

It’s actually been an interesting process. I’m really enjoying the story of one of the characters who was originally supposed to be a supporting character. As it turned out, the main character’s story isn’t all that interesting. So I’ve taken all the chapters from the supporting character’s POV and put them all together in a row and I’m working on trying to make it make sense.

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