Game of Thrones Season 3

Okay I’m going to say it. Game of Thrones is getting a bit dull.

Game-Of-Thrones-Season-3-Episode-3-Poster-JamieOkay I’m going to say it. Or write it. Whatever. Game of Thrones is getting a bit dull. In the books, it’s fine to have twenty different storylines, because it’s an epic fantasy after all and you get to stay with the characters for at least a chapter before moving on, and they are usually long chapters.

In the television series, you get to spend roughly thirty seconds on each story in each episode, so it’s nearly impossible to form any kind of attachment with what’s going on. We see so little of Daenerys that I really don’t care what she’s doing over there in the desert anymore. Every time we see her, all she’s doing is whining about slaves. I almost wish they would devote each episode to one specific character’s story instead of trying to weave them all together.

Anyway, it just seems like the show has turned into a series of barely-connected vignettes between characters. Some of them are awesome, like the ones between Varys and Littlefinger. Some of them are tiresome, like any of the scenes with Sansa (I don’t feel nearly as sorry for her in the show as I did in the books).