How To Keep Reading Airworld

Okay, if you want to continue to be an Alpha Reader, here’s what you need to do. Click on the link on the right that says “Register,” under Meta. (If you’re reading on a tablet or mobile device, it might be way at the bottom of the page.)

Pick a username and an email. Don’t use a fake email because it will send a password there. Copy the password in the email and click on the link below it. Enter your new username and paste the password into the box below. That will take you to your profile page, where you may want to change your password into something that you can actually remember. (It’s near the bottom of the page.) It would probably be best not to put anything secret in your profile, since this is WordPress and everybody likes to hack WordPress.

If I recognize you from your name and email, I will go ahead and put you in the Alpha Readers group and you’ll see all the Airworld posts again. If I don’t recognize you, send me a message on Facebook. (I’m assuming everyone who cares to read this is already a friend of mine on there.)

Sorry about the complications!

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