May Update

Brainstorming for my next writing project is scheduled to begin in June. Meanwhile I’m revising Kubak Outpost.

Brainstorming for my next writing project is scheduled to begin in June. I intentionally left a month of “space” between projects because I figured I would need time to recharge, but I realized I didn’t want to stop writing altogether, so, when last we left our intrepid hero, I had decided to revise Kubak in this “off” month of May.

I’m relatively pleased with the revisions so far. At one time I thought I needed to break it into two novellas, but then I realized that I couldn’t query two novellas, so I went back to working on it as a single novel. That basically meant trying to shift the focus of the first half of the book a bit more toward Caudren than Fen. I moved some Caudren scenes to the beginning, and wrote some new ones. I also re-wrote some scenes that were from Fen’s POV to make them Caudren’s POV. So far so good.

But, as it’s now the 23rd, I won’t be finished with these revisions before June. I might have 45k words ready for an alpha reading by then. Which leads me to wonder whether I should continue Kubak revisions into June or press onward with the new project.

Or perhaps I need to rethink my entire schedule. Perhaps I should be writing new material and revising old material at the same time. I think I read somewhere that Stephen King writes in the morning and edits in the afternoon. That’s probably what I would try to do if I were a full-time writer, but right now my time is a bit more limited. Most days I only have a maximum of 2 hours of writing time, and I can’t see myself splitting that in half. But what if I were to write new material on weekdays, and then work on revisions on weekends?

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